2020-05-26 18:25:18 Sonic1305

Hey everybody!

Eren Krueger (On discord) can finally stop asking for a new ECO-Server. I am here to announce our return to the world of ECO with Update 9.0.

We will again try to create a unique experience for everyone that wants to start their life in the world of ECO. To help ensuring everybody can have as much fun as possible and to stop rulebreakers, I am also happy to announce our Team that will try it's best to make your ECO experience memorable:

Welcome Shatred, Mini Grim and Schichti89 as helping ECO-Admins (Ah and me too of course :D). Shatred and Schichti will also help out as Mods here on our discord so we can keep all ECO related stuff in the Eco channel (Maybe some of you remember that trouble from last time.) and assign roles if needed.

Talking about roles: We now use our Discord-Bot to auto-assign roles if you react with the right emoji. More about that in the welcome channel on Discord. Just click on the ECO emote at the bottom and you immediately gain access to the #?eco-chat.

As we still have no release date for the new Update, I can just give you my word that we try to start with our server on release day. All the new stuff in the dev-blogs got my attention and sounds just so great that I want to start playing right now. I will never forget all the fun we had back then on our last runs and want to add some new memories to that.

I hope to see YOU on the planet,

Stay healthy and keep preventing that meteor!
Sonic1305 | son1c