Realitykiller - A project of passion

Welcome to our about page. If you want to find out more about our project, you are at the right destination!
Originally started in 2017, our roots range back way earlier, back to the year 2014. This is the year our foundation was
set and our story began. The timeline below will guide you through the rest.
  • 13. May, 2000

    The one that started it all

    Sonic1305 aka son1C or Tony

    Currently leading the project. Passionate gamer, modder and programmer. Also doing livestreams and youtube videos (german).

  • 2013

    Our first project

    MinersLife (

    Our first project was a small minecraft server called MinersLife. Started in 2013, the project lived 2 years, although it was offline for some time (Dec 2014 - August 2015)

  • 2013

    The ECO era

    Realitykiller's (original) ECO-Server

    Just a few weeks before ECO launched on steam, we decided to open up our own server. Our Server was different: We wanted to establish a friendly, realistic way of playing. And so we did. Just after a few days, our server became the most popular server ever and stayed there for almost 2 months. One wipe later we lost interest in the game, as it's development was so slow that we decided to let the game rest.

  • 09. September 2020

    ECO Comeback - Update 9.0

    Realitykiller's ECO-Server

    With the ECO update 9.0 we decided to get back to the game and start a server again. Within the first 8 hours we had more than 100 unique players and constantly around 30+ players online at once.