Donation & Co.

If you would like to support the Realitykiller-Project, which is currently featuring an ECO-Server, and help this Project staying active, you are right on this page!

I started this project because it was a little deam of mine. Since I was like 10 years old I wanted to build my own, little community and manage my own Gameservers. I started 6 years ago with a Minecraft-Server, had an Unturned Server then and now I have my own ECO-Server. And this all would not be possible, if there would not be nice people who support me. It does not need to be money, just show me that you are there and help me managing the daily trouble of being a Server-Admin! ;)

But of course, money is still an important topic. I pay for this Website, some of my other projects and my Gameserver and would not mind some help. Money that is donated using this button will be used to keep the Gameserver up and nothing else!

Thank you for reading and sincerely,




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